The ability to see what is happening, as it is happening, is key to maintaining a sound workflow.  Elements within the CRC workflow platform include real-time activity views and queues specific to urgent items such as exceptions and violations.  Viewable through the dashboard, users can see workflow processing that is out of relative norms or violates defined rules and/or thresholds.


Data analysis leads to intelligent business decisions.  Whether tracking metrics, pulling data for an audit request or assessing risk through current and historical trends, the CRC workflow platform provides reports and integration with the RADAR dashboard for getting what you need, when you need it, from your data. 

Risk has to be addressed within any solid workflow. Through the use of static controls and user-defined rules, CRC workflow elements provide users with assurance that common errors or risky behavior is not being permitted.

The CRC workflow platform is integrated with clients’ internal and external systems to provide real-time pricing, execution, and corrections.  Integration ranges from simple file transfers and Robotics to more robust service calls and FIX to message. 

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